The Colarossi Residential Construction division is a home remodeling company delivering end-to-end services. Our team has provided South Bay and Los Angeles homeowners with superior workmanship and satisfaction for 20 years.

We are a full service residential remodeling company including all facets of interior and exterior renovations. We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, repiping, electrical, new windows, roofing, stucco, cement, landscaping, patio covers, carpentry and everything that has to do with improving your home. From completely renovating your home to simply coming to your home and painting a bedroom. We are known as many things, but most importantly – we’re known for quality, cleanliness and ethics.

Kitchen remodeling – Kitchen remodeling is a very specialized area of your home because it is one of the most used areas in your home. As you know when company comes over you usually spend it congregating in the kitchen. We will come in and sit down with you and meticulously plan out how you want it to look. From the granite and stone work you want on your counter tops to custom cabinetry. Our custom cabinetry is not like anyone else. It’s very important to have the right style cabinetry in your kitchen.

Regarding the flooring in your kitchen, do you want hardwood flooring or tile flooring? We will also suggest the accessories for your kitchen. In addition, we can open up the ceilings in your kitchen and add natural lighting with a sun roof.

In our experience in working with residential home owners the placement of the island in the kitchen is an important factor in making the most out of your space. Do you want to look out the front window or look at your back yard to watch the kids play? One of the most common requests we get is we want our kitchen bigger. We will sit down, take our time and help you with that.

If you have an interior designer working with you, we will work with them and make sure the renovation is performed in accordance to the plans. The renovation is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

Bathroom remodeling – Here is another area in your home that is used very often. We will plan out exactly how you want your bathroom to look. From moving a toilet or tub or taking a shower tub combo and turning it into a shower. Most requests we hear from customers is to add a jacuzzi tub. We can install a waterfall shower and a his and her bathroom if required. We can also help you select tile and granite as well as custom cabinetry work.

Typically what we find is when we renovate bathrooms, there is old piping being used and we repipe those ares, creating a more powerful stream of water. That is one of our clients biggest concerns, water pressure. Another thing we often hear from customers is they want a larger bathroom in which case we redesign the look of the house with the bathrooms in mind.

Stucco – Restuccoing is a process where we sandblast your existing stucco. You can choose from a sand finish to smooth stucco finishes. There are a variety of finishes you may want your home to look like. We will prove you with all your options so that you can choose the one most visually appealing to you.

There are several colors we can mix into the stucco to create a beautiful new look and we will provide examples of all your color choices. What we find when we stucco a house after sandblasting, is that the weather and conditions have depleted the grey coat which is a foundation of stucco. In that case we have to recoat with a grey coat and recoat again with the finish you choose.

In new construction stucco work we inspect all your wood work and replace where ever is necessary. We then add a waterproofing black paper. Depending on the type of house you have we either resheet it with plywood or attach the waterproofing black paper to the existing 2X4 studs followed with wire mesh. Very important when putting in the wire mesh that it is nailed in correctly so it creates a stong bond with the wood or plywood because this is what the stucco is going to be sticking to.

The first coast is called a scratch coast which binds the stucco and wire mesh together. You need to wait one day before applying the second coat. The second coat is called a grey coat which is the foundation that will bind to the scratch coat. In the process we are building up the thickness of the stucco so that water will not penetrate through it.

The grey coat needs to wait a minimum of 2 weeks before you apply the final coat. The reason for this because it is a cement lime based product and the application of it will naturally crack and we want it to crack because that is caused by movement and the process itself. After a minim of 2 weeks is up you go back and apply more grey coat stucco to those cracks. The final coat is a color coat of the solid finish you would like. We will give you a stucco color brochure with all the colors you have to choose from.

Concrete – We specialize in any form of concrete driveways and specialty finish concrete. From pouring a driveway or walkway to hardscape in your backyard or around you pool area with many different choices of stamp concrete and design options. You can choose a cobblestone look or old fashion slate look, in addition to the color.

We specialize in mixing colors so it has a two toned effect that makes it look like real stone. There are several rubber stamp patters you have to choose from. This is the most affordable way to transform the existing look of your driveway and have a beautiful stone look. After its finished we wait 30 days for it to cure. Concrete cures from the inside out and then we apply a final seal to enhance the look and waterproof the new concrete.

Patio Covers – We will install a brand new patio cover to your home. The three types of patio covers we offer are solid top, lattice and Insulated Roofing Panels (IRP). The patio covers are maintenance free. No termite damage or wood rot.

Rain Gutters – We will either clean, repair or replace your existing rain gutters.

We have twenty of our own branded trucks and crews which allows us to provide the highest level of quality while coming in on time and budget. Our men will be on your job every day from start to finish. When working with Colarossi you do not have to worry about our team being called off the job and your project sitting for days unattended.

Our home remodeling team serves Southern California, from the South Bay of Los Angeles to Orange County, the San Fernando Valley and the Inland Empire. Contact us today for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.