Residential Painting

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Colarossi Painting and Rain Gutters has served the South Bay and Los Angeles for 20 years, delivering an unparalleled level of customer service, devotion and care to every project. Our painters are professional, friendly and respectful of your environment.

We at Colarossi stand by our quality of work with thorough painting skills, respect and cleanliness of the work site.  As one of the most reputable and trusted residential and commercial painting companies in Southern California, the job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied.

On any given day, we have a dozen trucks and painting crews on the road, serving areas such as Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Torrance and the City of Los Angeles to name a few.

If it’s an estimate you require, give us a call and we will be there within one business day or less. Once hired, you can rest assured we will work diligently every day.

We’ve been here twenty years, our reputation is everything to us and the majority of our business is referrals. No matter how busy things get, our friendly staff is just a phone call away. You will not be leaving voice mails and waiting hours and hours or days for a response.

Either someone will pick up your call immediately or Ben, Pam, Tato, Brian, Jeff, Luis or Lori will get back with you right away. We value your business and view every interaction with a client as an opportunity to prove ourselves.

Another Colarossi advantage is the paint materials we use. Having painted hundreds of homes, buildings and even water towers, we have experience in what lasts and what doesn’t. For example, our preferred paint of choice is Sherwin Williams and our rain gutters carry a 20 year warranty.

We can even recommend complimentary digital assets that can help you choose paint colors and will allow you to visualize how rooms will look with different colors.

We would be happy to provide further references upon request and we may even have a friend in common already.

The most common type of residential painting because of our climate in LA is stucco houses and wood sided houses. There is a variety of types of stucco: smonth, sand blasted, cat face, etc. When it comes to stucco painting, keep in mind that stucco is a cement lime based product. If you ever notice when it rains you see almost a cloud effect on your stucco. Water penetrates your stucco because it is concrete based and it absorbs water. The stucco will dry from the inside out.

There have been many debates if we should re stucco or paint a house. We advise customers if 50% of your stucco is cracking or falling off it will affect the grey coat. In the case that more than 50% is cracking, we suggest you sandblast and re stucco.

Most of the time, we only have to repaint the stucco. We can patch all the stucco cracks, prime the stucco and seal the concrete lime based surface. Now with the finish coat your stucco is sealed and when water hits, it will drain quicker and won’t absorb as much.

Most important, stucco needs to be primed first, before painting. That is the most common mistake people make with stucco. This is only if the stucco hasn’t been painted before. If it has been painted you can go to patching and finish coat.

There are so many stucco products and paint products, the biggest misconception is the quality. We suggest people use quality paint that is designed for stucco. Primer is formulated to prime or seal stucco or wood. Not all homes need to be primed, it all depends on the condition of your home. We fix the cracks, prime the areas that need it and then add the finish coat.

Wood siding, facia board, trim are some of the other materials we come across. Old houses will have oil based paint. New houses have water based paint. You will notice a difference between oil based and water based. If it’s peeling you take the piece in your hand and snap it like your trying to crack it in half. If its oil based, it will snap, if its water based it will bend. Some have a mixture of both.

The biggest mistake that has been made is if there is an existing oil based paint on a product you can’t put water based on top of it. You need to prime it first. There are some good water based primers. You need to sand the oil off. It’s all about prep work. In some cases you need to sand the paint all the way down to the wood.

If you want to find out if a contractor is good when deciding on what company to renovate your home, call them and see how long it takes for them to call you back. Have you seen their trucks around the area? You may even want to visit their office.

The most important thing is using a licensed, insured contract. There are a lot of companies that are not licensed or insured. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover renovations.

A lot of companies don’t have complete coverage. That puts you, the homeowner at a financial risk. We recommend you hire a licensed, local and insured contractor.

Can that contractor give you a number of references of local jobs that they renovated years ago and still look good?

We are very serious about the quality of the paint we use on your home. In the last 20 years, the paint we’ve recommend has been Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards and Benjamin Moore. They back us up as contractors.

The key is using the best quality paints and primer. Having decades of experience we have become an expert in the field. We have done this for more than 20 years and have thousands of satisfied customers. If you do a great job, people will spread the word. We bring new life and color to your home.